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Indian Speaks Arabic Sudanese Fluently

SBS (Supplied) Source: SBS (Supplied)

The story of Shailesh Doshi is unique. He was born in Om Darman, the Sudan. He was raised there but received his teaching at the Indian School in that Arabic speaking country.

When he became a young man, he joined his father in trade sector where they worked together to import and export goods from and to India.

The most distinguished part of Doshi’s story is his love to the Sudanese traditions especially the welcoming way of receiving people and their hospitality.

After arrival in Sydney, Mr Doshi was keen on meeting the Sudanese community. He made friends and started to visit them. He narrated his first meeting with a Sudanese merchant in Sydney’s Auburn. “I felt as I were in the Sudan,” he said.

That meeting brought back the old memories of Doshi who still feels homesick towards his country Sudan.

Let's listen to the story of an Indian merchant who lived in the Sudan and can speak Arabic Sudanese fluently. More is in this interview with Shailesh Doshi. It is in Arabic..