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Interview with author Ava Homa

Ava Homa Source: A. Homa

In this disscussion with Ms Homa we asked her about the recent unrest that developed as a result of Farinaz Khosrawani's death in the Kurdish city of Mahabad. Ms Homa wonders if the public's reaction would have been the same if the perpetrator had not been a security office of the Islamic Republic and/or, Farinaz had still been alive?

Following the death of a young Kurdish woman, Farinaz Khosrawani, in the Kurdish city of Mahabad, many demonstrations were organised by the Kurdish people particularly in eastern Kurdish (Iran) and around the world to investigate her death.

It is alleged that she plunged to her death in order to escape sexual assault and/or rape by a security officer of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the hotel she was working at.

Reportedly many people have been critically injured and dozens arrested by the IRI.