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Is disciplining children the right approach to parenting?

punishment as disciplining Source: Getty Images

While Indian parents often prefer punishment as a form of disciplining, it should not be used any longer, says positive parenting expert Ruchi Motial-Suri of Success Culture.

Parenting is the most important job of our life!

Ruchi Motial-Suri, owner of Success Culture that organizes Positive Parenting workshops in Australia says that “yet there is no university degree teaching us parenting skills!”

She adds that at Success Culture, “the programs draw from theory and experience to focus on positive parenting.”

Ruchi acknowledges that there is a significant difference in parenting styles of Eastern and Western cultures.

“Nature versus Nurture has been a long standing debate – in the development of a human being’s personality, what is more dominant? Nature or Nurture? My work in coaching adults has shown me how nature can be moulded via nurturing to produce resourceful behavioural traits,” adds Ruchi.

She further notes that “nature acts as a filter through which a child interprets and gives meaning to events around them. While nurturing helps the child tweak these filters so the meaning they give to each event is resourceful.”

According to Ruchi, this is where our role as a parent becomes important – to understand our child’s nature and then guide them through our nurturing to become strong and resourceful adults.

While Indian parents often prefer punishment as a form of disciplining, it should not be used any longer!

Ruchi says that with the use of positive language, setting boundaries without having to say “No,” and creating strong positive bonding, parents can get results from their children.

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