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Is this Syrian refugee Australia's youngest CEO?

Fadi Abo CEO of Calrcias in his office in Prestigious Collins Street Melbourne Source: Fadi Abo

Fadi Abo is an inspiring teenager who left his home in Syria at the age of eight with a dream of making waves in the world of business.

Seven years after leaving his war-torn country, the Melburnian is the CEO of his own online skin and body care company, Clarcias.

Forced to leave their home in the Damascus suburb of Jaramana in 2012, Fadi and his family relocated to France where his father Johnny Abo worked as a journalist.

They travelled to the US before finally settling in Australia, a trek that Fadi said was “very difficult”.

“When we were in Syria we were very comfortable, it was a beautiful country,” he told SBS Arabic24.

“It was challenging at such a young age to lose everything you ever knew, and get transformed to a whole new world where you didn’t know how to speak the language and how to adapt to the people.”

As a CEO in his teens, Fadi juggles school and work.

"I wake up at 5am daily to maximise and efficiently use my time. I jump straight into work, checking any updates from the company. After a couple of hours of work, I start preparing for school," he said. 

"After school, I head to the gym as I believe fitness is important. Once I am at home I study and finish school tasks. Although, I value my company I strive to prioritise my education. Following school work, I spend the remaining hours of the evening focusing my attention on the company." 

He said his passion for business and skincare began when he was a boy who "loved to look and smell good".

His first experience with business came when he used to draw pictures and sell them to his peers around the neighbourhood. 

“My business is a skincare business and it’s something that I really love doing. It’s brought me to whole new heights. And it’s made me experience new worlds,” he said.

“I think the business world is very interesting and it has a deep meaning to me."


His entrepreneurial passion has seen him delved into acting and modelling.

“I think acting is a very important part of performing arts. I think performing and art is very beautiful as you can really transform where a person is going and it can really show someone’s emotions and how a person can change their voice and how they can transform into different characters,” he said.

“it’s something really interesting and something I want to embody.”

Fadi is determined to finish his schooling and eventually study law at university.

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