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It is very important to get official information in one's own language abroad: Arnab Roy

Arnab Ghosh Roy Source: Arnab Ghosh Roy

Although coronavirus information was found in different languages in Victoria, it was not available in Bangla. Out of that frustration, Arnab Ghosh Roy, a law student at Victoria University, successfully drew the attention of the Victorian government to get vital government information like COVID 19 in his mother tongue, Bangla.

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Arnab Roy, information about the Victorian Government's COVID 19 is now available in Bangla. Mr. Roy, who grew up in Kolkata, India, tells SBS Bangla how he made it possible.


- While helping a senior Indian citizen who is a victim of family violence, Mr. Roy realized that he had received important information in his own language.
- Victoria authorities did not have information about Covid 19 in Bengali, he responded quickly.
- Mr. Roy thinks that the Bengali-speaking community from two Bengalis in Victoria is growing rapidly and is quite successful.


Mr Arnab Roy says that the City of Glen Eira of Victoria, will now have all government information available in Bangla, authorities have assured him.

He says his ancestors were originally from Barisal district of East Bengal, now Bangladesh.  But he grew up in Calcutta, India. The memory of his childhood, especially city of Calcutta keeps him in nostalgia.

But Mr Roy is happy to live in Australia permanently.

"Australia is the Land of Opportunity, I'm now re-studying to change my career. It's  possible, because it's Australia."

He says his 70-year-old mother, who is stranded in Australia due to coronavirus situation, can now lift 10kg with Australian treatment and physiotherapy, which might not have been possible in his home country.

Mr. Arnab Ghosh Roy is a devoted worker of an organisation called 'Bangla Pokkho' (In favour of Bangla); an organisation working for the development and protection of Bangla language and culture.

Click on the audio player above to listen to the full coversation with Mr. Arnab Ghosh Roy

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