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'It’s okay not to be okay': Lessons from the pandemic that made this single mum stronger

'I don’t have literally anyone especially during the pandemic, so I have learned to be stronger for my daughter – emotionally, physically and spiritually.' Source: Supplied by Gillian Rasco

“It’s perfectly okay not to be okay at times. Take some res,t if you must. Let the dishes and washing be. Take a moment and do something that makes you happy.”

Single mum Gillian Rasco has struggled due to the effects of the pandemic. She learnt that in times of adversity, it's okay not to be okay. 

She now turns those challenges to her advantage to positively raise her four-year-old daughter, Lily.


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'It’s okay not to be okay': Lessons from the pandemic that made this single mum stronger
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  • Single mum and nurse Gillian Rasco put to good use lessons she had learned from the impact of the pandemic.
  • She is prepared to take on the challenges of the 'new normal' and living with COVID.
  • She is confident that all will be well especially now that Australia has reached its vaccination targets


Gillian Rasco
“I have discovered my potentials for my daughter. Before the pandemic you don’t have to worry about anything when you go out ‘coz there’s no virus. But now you have to always secure your child’s safety and that she does not get sick.”
Supplied by Gillian Rasco

Lessons learnt

As Australia's economy has reopened and recovery efforts are well underway, South Sydney resident Gillian Rasco is stronger now more than ever.

“I don’t have literally anyone especially during the pandemic, so I have learnt to be stronger for my daughter – emotionally, physically and spiritually,” says Gillian Rasco.

While the pandemic situation became "very stressful" for her, she feels relieved that everything is much better now.

The months of restrictions had been a big challenge for Gillian because as a mother she would like to always take her child out to the park and be able to play with other children.

“I felt like I was failing my daughter by not taking her out. My purpose as a mother is to make sure that my child is always safe at home," shares the Tabaco City, Albay native.

"I need to find activities that she will enjoy at home."

Like many parents, the previous lockdowns and restrictions had been a big struggle. Thankfully, everything has eased now.

Embracing the 'new normal'

After several months of restrictions, the single-mum is now confident that everything will be back to the 'new normal', living with the virus.

Apart from continuing with the COVID-precautions, Gillian trusts that the high vaccination rate of Australia is key to the country's recovery ahead.

As of November 20, 85.1 per cent of Australia's eligible over 16s are now fully vaccinated; 91.5 per cent had received a single dose COVID-vaccine.

ACT has the highest number with more than 95 per cent now fully vaccinated; 91.8 per cent in New South Wales, while 89.2 per cent in Victoria are double vaccinated.

Gillian is more confident now to go out and take her daughter out-and-about.

In fact, the mother-and-daughter have been enjoying the sights in the Sydney CBD.

Covid new normal
Single-mum Gillian took her 4-year old daughter to the Sea Life Aquarium this week: 'It was a perfect day to go out and enjoy it with my daughter. There's not a lot of people in the city.'
Supplied by Gillian Rasco

They have visited Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium and The Grounds in Alexandria.

“I'm not too worried as not many people are out. I'm not too anxious as long as we still maintain social distancing and we still wear facemasks.”

The aged care nurse is hopeful she will be able to fly with her daughter to Melbourne next year to pay a visit to her sister. And for next year's Christmas, she may be able to go home to the Philippines.

“Hopefully next year we are home in the Philippines to spend Christmas there as we all know that Christmas in the Philippines is like no other."

As we continue with our lives post-pandemic, I hope we continue to hold on to our faith.


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