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Japanese tattoo artist, 2020 Archibald Prize Finalist

Japanese tattoo artist, Yoshio Honjo, a finalist of 2020 Archibald Prize Source: Yoshio Honjo

Two Japanese artists are the finalists in the Australia's oldest and most prestigious art art awards - Archibald Prize.

Australia's oldest and most prestigious art art awards, the Archibald Prize celebrated it's 99th year in 2020, and for the first time, finalists included 2 Japanese artists. 

The Archibald Prize received a record number of 1068 entries, and just a handful of 55 entries were shortlisted.  And in the 55 entries were the works of Yoshio Honjo and Yuri Shimmyo.

We had a privilege of interviewing both artists.

This will be a two-part interview. This week, we presents you Yoshio Honjo who created "Adam and Bream".

The portrait is that of a famous chef- can you guess who he is from the artwork below? 


Archibald Prize 2020 finalist Yoshio Honjo
Archibald Prize 2020 finalist Yoshio Honjo ‘Adam with bream’ japanese kozo paper, sumi ink and suihi-enogu (japanese pigment), 124.5 x 92 cm © the artist
AGNSW, Mim Stirling


The Archibald Prize Exhibition is currently on at the Art Gallery of NSW until 10th January 2021. Ticket booking essential.

After the 10th of January 2021, the exhibition will tour below 

22nd January 2021~ 7th March 2021  – Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre
19th March 2021~ 2nd May 2021 – Cairns Art Gallery
14th May 2021~27th June 2021– Griffith Regional Art Gallery
9th July 2021~22nd August 2021 – Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery
3rd September 2021~17th October 2021 – Shoalhaven Regional Gallery
29th October 2021~5th December 2021 – Penrith Regional Gallery

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