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Jason Owen just released a powerful motivational song called Undefeatable

Jason Owen

Undefeatable, featuring Aboriginal hip-hop artist Philly, marks Jason’s unrelenting determination and drive to overcoming the mental-health struggles he has publicly documented in recent months.

Jason comes from a small country town called Albert located 138 km west of Dubbo in New South Wales. It is in this rural village of just 12 people that Jason started his musical journey and wind up on the national and international stage.

“All my family used to sing in local hotels and bars and things like that all my life. And I used to go around with them and sing; then one day I went to audition for X-Factor. To cut that story short, that journey was phenomenal. I became a runner up in 2012,” Jason said in our interview.

That incredible feat on X-Factor would spring him on the global stage but it wasn't an easy ride as he was faced with hate and criticism; the flip side of stardom.

In 2005, Jason and his father were in a horrific motorcycle accident, and the fear of losing someone close, coupled with the harsh reality of instant fame, criticism and rejection, has continued to plague him throughout his entire singing career

Undefeatable CD cover
Undefeatable CD cover

“Over the years I have really struggled with the popularity and all other things that happened in my life. I’ve got psoriasis on my skin; it is like an eczema. I’m finding it really hard to cure that but I’m treating it the best I possibly can. And having that with a public profile, you know people talking about it...”

“It has brought me down a lot. I turned to the bottle for a while. I was drinking a lot of alcohol every night. I was definitely on the verge of alcoholism. It is just something I used to bottle up.”

Jason says that he’s now starting to pull through and move into a more positive headspace and that’s what Undefeatable is all about.

“It’s about pushing through the hard times and never backing down to achieving what it is that you want out of life and I hope it resonates with others,” added Jason. 

Undefeatable features Mildura born hip-hop artist Philly, a role model and an inspiration for many Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal young people.

Philly tackles serious issues like domestic violence and alcohol abuse through his music and has continued to use his voice to make change happen.

Undefeatable music video released on 16/10 stars Woody Belfort - an inspirational Canadian-born athlete who has amassed a huge social media following from his incredible bodybuilding posts. 

Jason stumbled across Woody's social media profile while looking for some motivation of his own. 

Undefeatable  will inspire you to dream big, do the impossible and achieve your goals.  

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