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L-Fresh the Lion talks to us about Invasion Day or Survival Day

L Fresh the Lion with Manpreet, at SBS studios, Melbourne Source:

Australia Day is celebrated as a symbol of multiculturalism in Australia, but the first Australians, the indigenous communities, regard it as Invasion Day - the day their land was invaded; or as Survival Day - a day they rally together to keep their culture and traditions alive.  Sukhdeep Singh Bhogal, aka L-Fresh the Lion joined the first Australians on January 26, when they came together in Treasury Gardens of Melbourne. Sukhdeep tells us what he has learnt about Survival Day from Australia's indigenous people.We started this conversation with a mention of Sukhdeep's two recent achievements - he was the opening act at Asian Cup AFC soccer torunament, and has also been signed by a major recording label, to produce his next hip-hop album. Here he is, in conversation with Manpreet K Singh.