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Lao Khang is the hidden gem

Lao Khang in Hmong attire during Hmong New Year in Xiengkhuang, Laos Source: Courtesy of Lao Khang

"I am humbled and honored to be named in BBC 100 Women 2018 list, it's beyond my expectation," said Lao Khang.

I was encouraged to nominate myself for the BBC 100 Women once in 2015 and 2018 I am also renominated as well. I am not quite sure if I will be qualified to do so but my manager did it anyways.

I feel very honored and humbled to be chosen as a role model for others as I am just an ordinary Hmong young woman.

Lao Khang
Lao Khang in sport uniform-Courtesy of Lao Khang
Courtesy of Lao Khang

We have received grants from Child Funds to help disadvantaged kids with their education and to train them to play rugby as well as teaching them about leadership.

Lao Khang said that since I have graduated and worked with the Lao National Women Rugby, I have acquired new leadership skills which I then utilized to help developing and teaching other kids in rural areas specifically in Xiengkhuang.

Therefore BBC was very keen to know more about my work as development officer in northern Laos.

"Being leader is not easy, it's tough," said Lao Khang.

Some might follow your lead while other are not so eager to do so. I can understand that and I would see my words as suggestions and directions, but the ultimate decision whether other will follow my lead is totally up the each individuals where they see fits.

"Being leader is tough," some might like it other might despair, or criticize you. Even with my own siblings, we still fight, but I will take it as learning curve to improve the better me.

Asia rugby
Lao Khang and her team with Asia Rugby-Courtesy of Lao Khang
Courtesy of Lao Khang

Lao Khang said that I have learnt a lot after graduated as Educator and Trainer Coach, and there are currently only three in Laos, which I am lucky to be one.

Her role is to supervise around 48 coaches and so they can go back and teach kids how to play rugby, but they only play one hour a day after school.

Lao Khang on the field
Lao Khang is on the field with her rugby students-Courtesy of Lao Khang
Courtesy of Lao Khang

Ms Khang said that she has been working for the Lao National Women Ruby Union since and wants to keep working so she can improve herself and so she can help younger generations to play rugby and further their education. Yes I am determined to further my education in the future when opportunity existed.

She said that so far most of the highly educated Hmong youths are still glued to city and rarely seen them actually utilizing their skills and knowledge to help others in rural areas, which she wants to see that changed.

She told SBS Hmong Program that though she has been named with the BBC 100 Women 2018 list, there are many other things she needs to follow up.

Chee Thao
Chee Thao, a Hmong Australian young man plays representing Lao National Men Rugby at the Asian Rugby Champhionship Division 3-Courtesy of Chee Thao
Courtesy of Chee Thao

Chee Thao is a young Hmong Australian man who plays representing Lao National Men Rugby Team.

Ms Khang said that he knew my boss first and came across Pao and then we get to know each other.

The last couple of day, we have exchanged conversation and I asked him whether before he leaves Laos in January, he can train us so we can be ready to play rugby in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos.

I am a rugby player for Lao National Women Rugby, a coach and also look after rugby activities in Xiengkhuang.

We have just competed rugby lately in November and we came second from third division.

Lao Khang wants to say to Hmong youth and those who encourages and supports her that, whatever sports you play or whatever professions you do, pour your heart and soul into it and hopefully you will get 100% result. Besides, be mindful and be respectful with others as you may expect in return.

I have never realized that my actions will inspire others and drew supports from Hmong communities, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you everyone for encouraging me and supporting me. Though I still need tons of improvement so I could live up to the expectation.#

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