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Learn how social media can help you get a dream job in Australia

Job seeker Source: Getty Images

Follow these tips on social media rules for job seekers to improve your chances of landing a job in Australia.

Traditional ways of recruiting people by advertisements, paper applications and face-to-face networking are getting obsolete.

These methods are replaced by social media tools and social networking sites.

Social media has not only revolutionised communication methods but increased our dependence on it in both private and work related affairs.

In Australia, many companies have recognized the value and benefit in recruiting via social media networks.

In terms of the use of social media for jobseeking, more and more jobseekers today use social media sites in their search for a dream job.

Social media offers speed, efficiency and the ability to target and attract suitable candidates.

LinkedIn (100 million members), Facebook (750 million members) and Twitter (200 million members) are the most relevant sites of choice for companies hiring directly.

Examples of other social networking sites and tools include: Blog, Instagram, Google, Podcast, Wikipedia, and Yahoo.

Employers, by checking job candidates’ social media profiles, gain more insight into the personality and character of the candidate.

As a new migrant or graduate, when you’re on the hunt for a new job, it is important than ever to refine your social media pages.

Here are some tips to make your social media profile job-worthy:

1. Increase your privacy settings

2. Delete questionable content

3. Delete explicit photos

4. Beware of spelling and grammar mistakes

5. Google yourself

6. Be polite online

7. Limit the preferences you advertise

8. Don’t post during business hours

In Australia, social media can either make or break your chances as a job seeker.

By following the above social media rules for job seekers you can improve your chances of landing a job in Australia.

To learn some more effective tips on how social media can help you in the Australian job market, listen to Amit Sarwal’s conversation with Naishadh Gadani, Melbourne based career coach.