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[LNY Culinary Conversation] Symbolic Korean food, ‘kimchi’…a makeover in WA

Kimchi is the most famous Korean food. Source: Getty Image

The first episode of the special feature series ‘Korean Food Conversation’ to mark the Lunar New Year looks into kimchi which has been transformed by a Korean chef in Margaret Rive, Western Australia.

A Korean meal without kimchi is unthinkable for most Koreans.  Despite being fermented, the cabbage leaves used for this common dish stay fresh and crispy. 

Moreover, by being rich in seasoning and having a spicy yet sweet taste, kimchi adds a savory flavour to all types of food and is the perfect accompaniment to every meal. 

However, kimchi is not just a flavorful dish, it also contains numerous healthful properties, including being rich in vitamins, aiding digestion, and possibly being helpful in preventing various types of cancers. 

The Korean spirit is embedded in kimchi, and the care and devotion if takes to make this tasty dish is an embodiment of the soul of the entire country.

Australia is not an exception.

Following the very first settlement of Korean migrants in this society, kimchi began to be introduced to Australia.


At the time, kimchi was exclusive to Korean Australians, but now the history of immigration has deepened and kimchi has become nationwide famous and global.

Chef Kim Jin-doo spreads a very healthy Korean fermented food to Australian locals based on the secret to kimchi dipping from his great-grandmother in Margaret River, a small town south of Perth, Western Australia.

Jindu Kim’s parents, Jaeyeon Jeon and Bong Gab Kim, picking garlic shoots for their son's kimchi. Source: Sarina Kamini
Jindu Kim’s parents, Jaeyeon Jeon and Bong Gab Kim, picking garlic shoots for their son's kimchi.
Sarina Kamini

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