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Lost my mobile, found my reignited love for India!

Nick Terrone in Delhi Source: Nick Terrone

Nick Terrone says with a population of 1.2 billion people and the way it is progressing, India is a country of opportunities for Australians looking for establishing any type of business.

Nick Terrone is a trained psychologist from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.

He has been living in India for the past 5 months with his wife of Indian heritage. He came to Delhi to follow their dreams of living 6 months in India (a country they extremely love) and 6 months in Australia.

Nick says - “It has been a HUGE challenge for us, more so for me as I try to build a business from scratch in a totally foreign country with almost ZERO contacts.” 

Nick recounts of his time spent in India as – “India has pushed ALL of my emotional buttons ranging from tears of joy evoked by being amongst the immense natural beauty and village life of India’s spectacular interiors, to down right hopelessness and despair as I struggle to earn enough income to just get by making me eager to get back to Australia!”

But soon an incident changed his perception of India. 

While waiting for his metro at Hauz Khas station, Nick left his iPhone 6 (which is also his wallet with all his credit cards and Australian driving license in it) on a platform seat.

The moment he realised that he had left his phone there, he was on the train to Huda City Station. Nick says – “As I sat on the train a flood of negative thoughts and emotions came over me like a dark cloud! My challenging time in India had slowly started to build a negativity within me about India and its people, something I knew was NOT GOOD! … I started to make all sorts of sweeping statements and generalisations in my head about India and its people, things I’m not proud of for even thinking, despite feeling ‘justified’ by my personal experience…”

But to his amazement, when he reached his client’s office she met him at the elevator doors on her floor saying - ‘I found your phone’!

Nick froze in absolute AMAZEMENT and was told that a guy at the platform had his phone. The Indian man tried to get his attention as Nick walked on the train but the doors closed preventing him from following him on the train.

Even though the Indian man was going in the opposite direction and already late for his own appointment, he arranged to meet the Ausssie who lost his phone!

1.5hrs later Nick was reunited with his iPhone 6 and wallet!

Nick says of meeting his Indian savior - “I gave him a hug, almost all the money I had, which he only accepted after MUCH persistence from me! I thought of taking a picture with him but as he wasn’t able to speak English and I failed to make him understand my desire of having a photo with him.”

Today, Nick believes that this entire event has reignited his love for India and it’s people again. He says – “It’s restored my faith in Indian people and I’m SO GRATEFUL for that! … Thank you, India and to the man who found my phone, I may well come back to Delhi after all.”

Nick has a tip to offer to Australians looking for business opportunities in India – “stand by your value and communicate it the Indian counterparts so that they know what you have will improve their life.”