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‘Love wins’: Couple separated for 2 years by pandemic will soon reunite

Couple separated by pandemic will soon reunite Source: Rackie Sevills

After more than 2 years of separation, long-distance couple Steve and Rackie will finally reunite in a matter of days.

After 2 years of separation due to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rackie Sevilla finally made it to Queensland, Australia. 

But before the most awaited reunion, she needs to finish her 14-day hotel quarantine.

As she awaits for her release from quarantine, Rackie shares that her fiancé, Steve would still visit her every day.

“I’m at the 12th floor of the hotel. He visits me every day usually around 10 to 11am. He would send me flowers, cake, take-away food, he would also cook rice and send rice to my room.”


  • Couple separated for 2 years by pandemic will soon reunite
  • There are countless couples who are forced apart by border closures
  • Some relationships have been greatly impacted by the separation


Ms Sevilla says they were at the verge of giving up after the many hurdles they faced in the past years.

“It was so difficult. We wanted to give up because it was a hopeless situation. It took 30 months for our fiancé visa to be approved, my travel exemption was denied, and when it was finally approved, flights were cancelled.”

Couple separated for 2 years by pandemic will soon reunite
Couple separated for 2 years by pandemic will soon reunite
Rackie Sevilla

Relationship trials

Rackie who is under a fiancé visa recalls that the last time she was able to see Steve in person was on September 2019 after the two got engaged. 

“My visa was only approved in April 2021 but I can’t fly to Australia because fiancés at that time weren’t considered as immediate family.”

When the fiancé visa holders were given the green light to enter Australia, another hurdle confronted them.

“There was no flight to Australia due to border closure. I booked a flight in October 6 but it was cancelled. I tried everything. I emailed DFA, DFAT and Philippine embassy in Canberra just so I can get to Australia to assist Steve with his surgery.”

Finally, after an extremely tiring process, DFAT was able to assist Rackie to fly to Australia.

“My flight was supposed to be on 17th of October. I call them every day just to check the development. Then finally, DFAT answered and they helped me confirm my flight. In October 4, they texted to confirm I was finally flying to Australia.”

Love wins

Rackie says she was determined to hold on despite the hurdles because she believes that true love can stand the test of time.

“I believe love is always hopeful, love never gives up. I told Steve, we have to be strong together. The visa is already in my hands.”

The couple is a testament that no pandemic can separate them. At the end, love wins.

“We made it. I'm home. Steve, thank you for holding on, thank you for not giving up on us. I’ll see you soon.”


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