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“Major political parties serve only the banks, corporations and the rich,” says Will Fulgenzi of the Socialist Equality Party

Will Fugenzi Source: Facebook

Will Fulgenzi a member of the Socialist Equality Party is candidate for the House of Representatives seat of Wills in Melbourne.

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) is standing candidates in the coming Federal Elections on 2nd July.

Mr Will Fulgenzi, 23 year-old, is a member of the national committee of the Socialist Equality Party.

He is the candidate of SEP for the House of Representatives’ seat of Wills in Melbourne.

He is standing against the candidates of the Greens, Labor and the Socialist Alliance.

The electorate of Wills covers the Melbourne suburbs of Brunswick, Coburg, Hadfield, Glenroy, Pascoe Vale and Oak Park and borders the University of Melbourne.

This seat is held by the retiring Labor MP Kelvin Thomson since 1996.

Although, Thomson has retained this seat for two decades, but in recent years support for the Greens has grown.

Experts predict that the Green's chances of winning Wills currently lag slightly behind Batman.

Other contenders for Wills are - HONG Kyung (Liberal), BLACKWELL Ash   (Drug Law Reform), CHELLEW Tristram (Australian Sex Party), RATNAM Samantha (The Greens), GILLMAN Dougal (Renewable Energy Party), ALCORN Zane (Socialist Alliance), SYDOW Camille (Animal Justice Party), TIMPANO Francesco (Independent), and KHALIL Peter (Australian Labor Party).

Mr Fulgenzi joined the SEP in 2008, at the age of 15, while still in high school.

Mr Fulgenzi is presently completing his final year of a research master’s degree in physics at the University of Melbourne.

He has played a leading role in various activities of the SEP’s student and youth movement.

He feels that all these parties are capitalist and harm the interests of workers and young people.

Mr Fulgenzi's campaign is directed to the ever growing number of workers and young people who want a genuine alternative to the Labor and Liberal-National Coalition dominated political system in Australia.

He says that “major political parties serve only the major banks, corporations and the rich.”

“The Greens, along with other third parties and self-styled independents, are part of the same official establishment. They represent no alternative because they all defend capitalism—the ultimate cause of war, exploitation and social inequality,” Mr Fulgenzi adds.

Some other issues that Will is passionate about are the South China Sea, India-Australia relations, jobs, wages, health and education services.

The election program of the SEP is focused on these key demands: Oppose militarism and war, bringing social equality, defending democratic rights, and breaking away with the two- party parliamentary system.

To know more about SEP’s election campaign, Amit Sarwal interviewed Mr Will Fulgenzi during the Refugee Week at SBS booth on Federation Square where many minor party leaders shared their views on Election 2016.