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Malgudi Days – Traditional South Indian filter coffee now in Australia

malgudi days Source: Malgudi Days

Filter coffee making is an art or science handed over from one generation to other.

In India, when someone asks you for a cup of coffee – it means South Indian filter coffee!

Filter coffee making is an art or science handed over from one generation to other.

What is this traditional South Indian filter coffee?

Aneerudh Sampath, Sydney-based roaster of brand Malgudi Days, says it is a combination of the traditional coffee decoction, fresh hot milk, special brewing method, and the right dash of sugar. 

He adds that drinking South Indian filter coffee is an experience that is nostalgic to many Indians abroad.

Aneerudh is the first Indian-origin award winning coffee roaster in Australia.

A banker by profession, Aneerudh’s journey into the aromatic world of coffee is amazing!

“One day my mum out of frustration stated that she was simply not happy with the current supply of imported South Indian filter coffee that, she found it to be stale or it had too much chicory or it simply didn’t cup as specialty grade. Mum challenged me to come up with something for her. This started the Malgudi Days coffee journey, it took me many years because there were no shortcuts taken, i was aiming to source, roast & blend the finest. No compromises! We even won a medal in 2012, at the largest coffee competition in the Southern Hemisphere, but the ultimate judge was always Mum. It was made for her!” adds Aneerudh.

Most Indians are familiar with the name ‘Malgudi Days’ – some have read R. K. Narayan’s 1943 classic or watched Shankar Nag 1987 TV series on Doordarshan.

Aneerudh says - “Malgudi Days is my Mum’s favourite book by her favourite Author. It represents everything South Indian & pure, including my Mum.”

Apart from nostalgia, Malgudi Days coffee brand’s unique selling proposition, according to Aneerudh, is – “We have focused on sourcing the finest beans & the finest organic chicory that India can produce. We haven’t compromised & have made it for consumers that don’t compromise on quality either.”

“The way I see it, it is a much-loved South Indian tradition made by Indian mums around the globe, why jeopardize this beautiful traditional with anything less,” adds Aneerudh.

Malgudi Days coffee was recently selected to participate in 2016’s Aroma Coffee Festival.

It is largest Coffee festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

“This is exciting because this will be something completely new to the Australian Coffee Market, and I see it as a way of showcasing another aspect of Indian Culture,” says Aneerudh.

Finally, Aneeridh is hopeful that his small business enterprise – Malgudi Days – will make his mum and Indians in Australia proud.

“We have a clear roadmap for Malgudi Days coffee with a number of innovative projects in the pipeline. We are working with some key players in the global market so everything is still very discrete at the moment. In a nutshell we would like to be known as a true & exciting alternative when it comes to Specialty grade Indian filter coffee. We want to be a household name that creates a beautiful experience for the whole family,” Aneerudh proudly adds.

To know more about Aneerudh’s journey as a coffee roaster, his mum’s challenge, establishing a small business in Australia, and using social media to promote it, listen to his conversation with Amit Sarwal.

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