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Manny Singh left his IT job to become a Fitness Entrepreneur

Manny Singh Source: Manny Singh

Manny Singh is today active on social media and mentors youths, but at one time he weighed 110 kg and suffered from mild depression.

Manny Singh came to Australia as a student.

He says that the worry to succeed and get a permanent residency took its toll on his health.

This led to obesity at one stage, where Manny weighed 110 kg.

Manny Singh
Manny Singh
Manny Singh

Apart from loss of physical well-being he also started to suffer from mild depression.

Manny says “I managed to combat obesity and become a fitness expert and entrepreneur.”

“On a personal front, I believe that there is nothing bigger than our dreams,” adds Manny.

Manny says that throughout the thick and thin phase of his life, "Poonam, my wife, and family has been very supportive.

Manny Singh and Poonam
Manny Singh and Poonam
Manny Singh

Manny moved to Fitness Industry from a career in IT.

After completing his studies, he worked for a largest Telco in Australia for seven and half years.

But his desire to live his new found passion for health and fitness led him to study a Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Manny Singh
Manny Singh
Manny Singh

Once a Certified Personal Trainer, Manny started his own gym in 2016 - Keystone Fitness Club.

He says that there are not many Indian-origin people in health and fitness business.

This further led Manny to collaborate with others and form Australian Indian Fitness Association (AIFA).

Manny is now the President of AIFA and helps out the community to get healthy and fit.

He says it is “scary at times but my passion to help others overcome all the barriers keep me driving towards my goal and priorities.”

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Since 2011, Manny has also been running for charities that have raise funds for issues such as mental health and Nepal Earthquake.

Today, Manny is active on social media and mentors youths by providing information on health and fitness.

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His plan is to involve all age groups of Indian-origin people and promote a healthy way of Australian lifestyle.

To know more about Manny’s weight loss and journey as a Fitness Entrepreneur, listen to his conversation with Amit Sarwal.

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