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Marriage breakdown during the pandemic can prove to be very complicated

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The end of a marriage is often traumatic and painful. Separating in the middle of a pandemic complicates the process, not to mention co-parenting arrangements when children are involved.

Whilst ending a marriage is a major life decision, the report also shows that 90 per cent of separated or divorced Australians have become more emotionally resilient and adapted after the split.


  • Recent research shows that Australians are spending $45 million per year on divorce application fees and $3.7 billion on legal costs.
  • Nine-in-10 divorced or separated Australians report feeling more emotionally resilient after leaving their partner. 
  • Nearly 60 per cent of parents are concerned about the impact on children when a marriage ends.

 Cruze Montalvo says the expenses of starting a new life is a major concern for many considering separation. 

The report also shows that just over half of separating couples were worried about the financial implications of the split.

According to Montalvo, the decision is often about assessing whether you can financially afford to leave the relationship. 

"If you are moving out, you need to think about the rental accommodation that you are moving out if that’s what you are going to be doing. You would need to have a bond - that could easily be $1600. You’d need to look at the rent. Are you able to pay the rent?"

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