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Meet Mohit Pandit who aims to connect Indian-Australian musicians

Mohit Pandit Source: Mohit Pandit

Mohit has been developing his music by learning from various cultural influences and believes there is no better place than Melbourne for it.

Mohit Pandit came to Melbourne in 2013 as a Victoria India Doctoral Scholar to pursue his PhD from RMIT University in collaboration with Australia India Institute.

A Computer Science Engineer by qualification and a Chartered Marketer by profession, Mohit spent many years in corporate life working for top brands across the world.

But Music was somewhere calling him out from college days in Dehradun.

In 2012, Mohit initiated a Music project called LIVEMUDD and produced many young and local artist from Delhi Music circuit.

His first venture as a singer was 'Hum Tere Hain Na.'

This song became very popular and got people noticing his dynamic voice in addition to his composing and writing capabilities.

Later, Mohit shocked the audience with a polar treatment by showing the powerful side of his vocal chords on another track 'Kaise mein Bataun.'

Mohit also had a few offers from Bollywood films to compose music but he decided to take some time before entering that zone.

"I was flying with  my music being appreciated by people, and the biggest key of the music I produced was freedom in my writing, with bollywood offers, I felt it will kill my freedom, so I took the call of being a free and independent musician!" adds Mohit. 

Most of the artist produced by Mohit are now part of Bollywood.

Names like Shraddha Sharma, Nazim Ali, Swarantar Band, and Dhruv Bedi were first produced and introduced by Mohit.

Mohit's PhD is also related to Music!

His research is about how Music festivals and artists co-create value for each other.

He has also been developing his music by learning from various cultural influences.

Mohit believes there is no better place than Melbourne for it.

His music is now slowly introducing the beauty of Hindi Language by its fusion with other Languages like Italian, Spanish, English, etc. 

He is currently working on collaboration project with both Indian and Australian artist addressing some key issues like Gender equality and Natural Disasters (Nepal Earthquake).

Mohit says – “For me any art form has to have a meaning in it, a song has to say something, communicate something back into society and if doesn't .... it's not a piece of art at all!" 

His signature style of music is very folk driven melodies, with Hindi Poetry and Guitars giving dimensions to sound.

A key thing about his music is that there are no auto-tuning effects and no electronically produced used in his music. What you hear is pure vocals and instrument played live in studio sessions.

Bollywood Music directors usually use such effects to make bad singers sound good, but Mohit's music is all about genuine sounds of solace.

"... the most beautiful part of being a musician/songwriter is that you can leave your life and be someone else and narrate the book of that life in 4-5 minutes... I loved being a soldier when I made 'VANDE MATARAM'" says Mohit.

Recently Mohit also did a song for Indian Army which went viral on Facebook.

Mohit is currently helping local Indian-Australian singers realise their potential and promotie Indian culture by means of a universal language – music!