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Meet Reshmi Kumar in our Local Talent series

Reshmi Kumar Source: Reshmi Kumar

Reshmi Kumar is a Sydney based singer. She has just released her first music album - Lost in Your Love.

Reshmi was born and raised in Fiji. She migrated to Australia twenty years ago.

Recently, following her long time passion in music and to fulfil her childhood dream, Reshmi recorded her first album in Mumbai.

Reshmi says that her father, Shiu Kumar Mangal, sang Bhajans in villages of Fiji.  Seeing her father’s keen interest in music, Reshmi decided that one day she would record her album as well. 

“I love music and I had this dream of recording my album since I was a child.  I was born in a very musical family in Sawani Nausori.  My father Late Mr Shiu Kumar Mangal was a great Bhajan singer in Fiji.  When he recorded his Bhajans in Fiji at that time we all helped create the (sakhis) lines that needed to go with these bhajans.  My mum was very good at creating these for him.  You might remember him, we had a barber shop in Stewart Street Suva.  Mum and Dad worked very hard to raise us,” Reshmi further adds.

Even though this album could have happened ten years ago, she put it on hold as her priority at the time was to nurture her young family. 



Reshmi says that once the family moved to Australia, she found it very difficult to connect with people in the music arena.  As everyone was either too busy promoting themselves or the stage scene was male dominated.

On a trip to India in 2005, Reshmi met Nikhil Kamath, of the duo Nikhil-Vinay fame, who heard her sing and was happy to do her album. 

But then Reshmi focussed on starting her family, knowing the day would come when she would be ready for it and she would make it a reality.

In June 2014, she got back in touch with Nikhil with the vision of recording the album.

Reshmi says it has all been possible due to the successful investment in her music and thanks God for blessing her with the ability to follow her dreams. 

Her first album is out now and is doing good via social media sites.

Reshmi says that her only message to people who are passionate about music is never give up!

“I would like to say to everyone to never give up on your dreams. Write your goals and take small steps.  You may come across hurdles, you may have to make sacrifices but stay focused and never give up.  You may find people who are willing to help once you know exactly what you want,” she further adds.