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Meet the Indian international student who is now a world-renowned motivational speaker

Simerjeet Singh as an international student in Sydney (Left); Now a world renowned motivational speaker and youth coach. Source: Supplied by Geetanjali.

The student-turned inspirational coach and celebrity speaker Simerjeet Singh credits his success to the practice of embracing failure and imbibing learnings from his days of struggle to his day to day life.

Originally from Jalandhar in India's northern state of Punjab, Mr Singh coaches individuals and organisations around the globe to believe in a purpose-driven existence and motivates them to become active participants in their journeys towards success.

Over the years, the dynamic speaker has acquired worldwide audiences through his talks. His youtube channel boasts over one million subscribers, and his videos raked in over 50 million views this year.


  • Simerjeet Singh is a motivational speaker who seeks to inspire change in international students and business leaders
  • He was among top 3 motivational speakers by the Indian Speakers Bureau and amongst the top 10 by Tata Sky in 2021
  • Mr Singh came to Australia to study hotel management in 1999 

Speaking to SBS Punjabi, Mr Singh, who has worked with over 300 organisations, shared his experience as an international student in Australia in the late 90s and how it moulded his upward journey.

"I loved my days spent as an international student in Australia. I came to Sydney in August 1999, and the experiences that I gained here, I couldn’t have gotten them in India," said the speaker who specialises in customised and inspirational keynotes.

Speaker Simerjeet Singh.
Throughout the lockdown, Simerjeet Singh engaged with his audience with inspiring content in multiple media forms, including podcasts, videos and social media.
Supplied by Geetanjali.

Advice to international students:

The award-winning speaker who completed his undergraduate degree in hotel management from The Hotel School in Sydney said he never shied away from taking menial jobs to survive.

"In my initial days in Sydney, I printed 100 copies of my biodata and distributed them in restaurants in Sydney CBD to get a job. I also worked at a car wash to make ends meet," he reminisced.

Doling out advice to overseas students, Mr Singh said youngsters should concentrate on "bite-sized" achievements and should be open to learning from others' experiences to widen their own.

Everyone has something to offer.

“Don’t draw boundaries amongst learning, and do not keep your circle limited. Learn from everyone irrespective of age/ status/ educational qualifications.

"It doesn’t matter how well you were doing in India. Leave your expectations home when you move to Australia or any other foreign country and make a new start. This way, every problem will seem easy, and you will enjoy each moment in your life," he added.

The motivational coach who believes in fostering self-realisation among student groups and opening a dialogue about company-wide obstacles to growth was listed among the top three motivational speakers 2021 by the Indian Speakers Bureau and amongst the top 10 by Tata Sky.

He was also honoured with a spot on the coveted 'Inspiring Global Thought Leaders' list by The Excelligent Magazine along with other acclaimed names like Brian Tracy, Jay Shetty, Jim Kwik and Chetan Bhagat.


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