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Meet the new Bollywood star

Ehan Bhat in film '99 Songs'. Source: Jio Studios

Film '99 Songs' introduces a new star from India's Srinagar and marks the debut of Academy Award-winning composer AR Rahman as a writer and producer in the Indian cinema.

Ehan Bhat has become the new promising talent into Indian cinema with his debut in music composer AR Rahman's movie 99 Songs.


Ehan Bhat was born in Srinagar, Kashmir

He has performed in a Maruti Suzuki commercial in the past

He has acted in a short film with Imtiaz Ali

The 29-year-old man from Srinagar has played the role of a musician in the film.

"It's a dream comes true to be in Mr Rahman’s film," Mr Bhat told SBS Hindi.

This is Mr Rahman's first movie as a writer and co-producer.

"All these years, you’ve known me as a musician. With 99 Songs, I turn into a storyteller. 99 Songs is about a musician trying to make it against the odds," Mr Rahman said in a statement. 

The movie has been released in cinema halls on 16th April.

Ehan Bhat
Ehan Bhat in Film '99 Songs'
Jio Studios

Mr Bhat, who has become the talk of the town for his looks, said he couldn't control his emotions when casting director Mukesh Chhabra told him about his selection for the movie.

"I hugged him (Casting director Mr Mukesh Chhabra) and cried,” Mr Bhat said.

Mr Bhat said he was surprised that he got the lead role.

“I used to wonder why me? When any A-lister star like Shahrukh and Salman Khan would have easily agreed to do Mr Rahman's film," he said.

"But this character needed a lot of preparation. Many dots needed to be connected. So they wanted a new guy who could be transformed and groomed into a musician.”

Ehan Bhat
Ehan Bhat in Film 99 Songs
Jio Studios
   Mr Bhat underwent music training at KM Music Conservatory Chennai to learn Piano before the shooting of 99 Songs.

He was later sent to Los Angeles to master the art of performing on screen.

Listen to the podcast - Interview with Ehan Bhat:-

Meet the new Bollywood star
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Mr Bhat plays Jay, who is on a quest to understand his purpose and passion in life. The character struggles to overcome challenges that stand between him and everything he cares about. 

He told working with A R Rehman was as if by divine intervention and a dream come true. He was drawn to films and songs since childhood and he enjoyed Rehman's ‘Satrangi Re’ the most. He recalled the time when he would dance for hours listening to the songs of Satrangi Re, a film which was released over two decades ago. 

“I had a dream, I could do a film which has Mr Rahman’s music. And destiny had it that I am playing a lead role in his movie." 

Ehan Bhat
Ehan Bhat in Film 99 Songs
Jio Studios
   Mr Bhatt said 99 Songs is an ode to the timeless power of love and music.

“There is a lullaby in the film (99 Songs). I got so emotional and cried when I heard it for the first time. I called my mother and thanked her for all her love and blessings," Mr Bhat said.

"It was all because of that lullaby. That's the power of Mr Rahman's music.”

Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy has directed the movie and its other cast includes Lisa Ray, Ranjit Barot, Tenzin Dalha, and Rahul Ram.

Listen to the podcast - Interview with Ehan Bhat:-

Meet the new Bollywood star
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