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Meet the 'non-scientist' who is making a big difference in the world of science

Raghav Gupta, Director, Prism Scientific Services (L) with participating delegates during a conference in Melbourne.

Raghav Gupta has provided a unique platform to experienced and new-age scientists from across the globe to converge, communicate, collaborate in Australia.

Raghav Gupta isn’t a scientist, in fact, he blatantly claims that he has a distant relationship with the subject, to an extent that most of it “sounds French” to him.

“It is nothing more than astonishing,” said the 30-year-old based in Melbourne, that today most of his workday goes into researching about top-tier experts in the world of scientific research and engineering.

Simply put, Mr Gupta has launched a professional conference organising company that provides a platform to experienced and new-age scientists from across the globe to converge, communicate, collaborate and most importantly share their research work with other scientists and young researchers.

“A lot of conferences are held across the world, but there is hardly any platform that allows young researchers to share their ideas, work and learn from experienced scientists. So that was the whole idea behind launching this company,” Mr Gupta told SBS Punjabi.


Raghav Gupta
Participating delegates at the ‘Material Sciences and Engineering' conference in Melbourne.

The group organised its first-ever conference in Melbourne, a symposium on ‘Material Sciences and Engineering,’ this week, that witnessed the participation of 166 scientists from 27 countries, who converged on Melbourne to exchange knowledge and their experience with the scientific community.

One of the researchers who attended the three intensive days of the meet was Shalini Behl, a lecturer with Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar, who is researching the effective methods of shielding electromagnetic radiations.

“Considering there is an increased dependence on electronic devices that are causing electromagnetic pollution in the environment, it is imperative for scientists to look into ways of shielding this pollution and that’s exactly what I’m studying,” said Ms Behl who added that the experience was an extensive learning curve for her.

Also in attendance was a highly cited and accomplished researcher, Rajendra Varma, a senior scientist with the US federal government who is conducting research into the methods of creating high-value products from biowaste.

“My research is all about creating nanomaterials by using waste biological matter like wine waste or fruit waste to exploit high-value products that are green and sustainable.

“I believe conferences like the one organised by Prism Scientific Services goes a long way in giving exposure to young scientists. For me personally, it was quite a humbling experience to be able to hear and talk about my work with others in the community,” said Mr Varma.


Raghav Gupta
Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp (second from left) with participating delegates during a conference on ‘Material Sciences and Engineering' in Melbourne.

Mr Gupta, the force behind the conference, however, believes the real success of his team's endeavour would be measured in the number of leads generated for future conferences and the impact the conference will have on the participating stakeholders.

“Traditionally, a high turn-out and revenue generated are considered parameters of a successful conference. But I think the real impact will be evaluated when scientists would continue attending our conferences would collaborate with each other and pass on the word to their peers.”

When asked, what he’d like to stir next, Mr Gupta shared, “We’re already kicking in work for the next array of conferences which would be covering a range of subjects including chemical sciences, nursing, cancer and food and technology, besides others.”

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