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Meet the Sheorans - Rising stars of comedy on social media in Australia

Vikas and Ritu Source: Sheorans

Apart from an arranged marriage, it is their passion to promote Haryanvi culture all over the world that joins them together.

In mid-2000s, Vikas and Ritu moved to Australia from Karnal in Haryana, India.

A match made in heaven they both complement each other in skills.

While, Vikas is in IT and Ritu works in finance they both are passionate about photography, acting and dance.

Other thing that joins them together, apart from an arranged marriage, is their passion to promote Haryanvi culture all over the world.

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In January 2016, they started exploring the possibilities of showcasing their talent on social media.

Vikas thought the best way was to use comedy to reach out to people.

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Since January, Sheorans'  Facebook followers have reached more than 166,000 on and YouTube channel subscribers are around 36,000.

Vikas and Ritu say that the video that changed everything was their take on the Indian cultural tradition of Karva Chauth.

WTACH VIDEO: 'Karva Chauth'

Browsing through Sheorans' video one realises that they have a take on everything.

Here’s Ritu enjoying life in a foreign country – Australia.

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Check out this video on demonetization in India.

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Vikas has even tried his hand in impersonating Yo Yo Honey Singh.

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And, finally Vikas and Ritu’s take on latest Bollywood film – Befikre.

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Because of their popularity on social media, Ritu recently got a film offer and would soon be seen in a Punjabi film – ‘Big Daddy’.

Vikas says he is taking one thing at a time and going with the flow and fame.

To know more about Vikas and Ritu Sheoran's experience in Australia and future plans, listen to their conversation with Amit Sarwal in SBS Hindi’s Local Talent Series. 


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