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Meet the woman who has mapped India

Rashmi Verma Source: Rashmi Verma

Rashmi Verma, Co-Founder and Director of MapmyIndia, says "It took us a decade to digitally map India."

Rashmi Verma, grew up in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh), graduated in computer engineering from University of Roorkee and almost immediately got married and left for the US.

After completing her Masters in US, Rashmi worked at Citicorp and IBM.

She says – “At every place I worked, I ensured I learnt the job well and was able to move up to the next functional role.”

Rashmi, along with her husband Rakesh, relinquished her settled career (at IBM) and lifestyle in the US to pursue her dream of starting out on her own and of bringing innovative solutions to India.

Rashmi says – “I was quite excited to do something of my own.”

Rashmi and Rakesh co-created MapmyIndia, an online digital map platform that enables GPS navigation in India.

Rashmi says – “The challenge was that there were no digital maps in the public domain like it is in developing countries. We then realised that we had to develop it ourselves. … It took us a decade to digitally map India.”

On breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ in her organisation, Rashmi points out that apart from mentoring – “We have given women employees in our organisation the opportunity to work at important positions in mid-level and leadership positions.”

Rashmi’s advice to young entrepreneurs is – “”stay focused, do not feel defeated, keep working on your idea – be patient, and respect the individuals working with you.”