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Mina Kiryo: Achieving 99.4% ATAR

Mina Kyrio achieved 99.4% ATAR Source: supplied

Mina Kiryo arrived to Australia as a refugee with her family. She saw her new country as a land of freedom, opportunities, and was determined to be successful in her life

Mina Kiryo lives with her family in Melbourne. She finished her VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) exams with a 99.4 ATAR. An astonishing result for a young girl who not long ago came to a new country, facing many new challenges, language barriers, new culture, and new way of life. 

She studied at Mercy College Private School and gained the love and respect of her school, teachers and students alike.


Mina was chosen as the 2020 Dux of Mercy College. Mina attains this honour due to her outstanding Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.4%, achieving exceptional results in English (EAL), Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Legal Studies in 2020. She accelerated in Mathematical Methods in 2019. Mina was nominated for the 2021 University of Melbourne Principals' Scholarship in recognition of her academic achievements and contribution to Mercy College and the wider community.

Mina's badges of awards

When asked about the her secrets of success, Mina confidently asserted that to be focused, prepared and have fun, they will lead you to achieve your goals.

About her future plans, Mina says she will study a Bachelor of Biomedicine. She never thought about it before. But due to the Pandemic and the trauma and mental health deterioration people faced, Mina wants to be involved in research and medicine, to be able to find cures to help people and the community.

Miss Kiryo thanked her family for being so supportive during all her high school years and the VCE exams.

SBS assyrian would like to congratulate Mina and her family for this great achievement and hard work.

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