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‘My home at the Intersection’ – Indian theatremaker has a story to tell at OzAsia Festival

Abhishek Thapar is a Netherlands-based Punjabi theatre-maker who will present two shows at the OzAsia Festival, My Home at the Intersection – a reflection of Punjab’s recent history and Surpassing the Beeline. Listen to this conversation to know more about his journey as a theatre artist.

OzAsia Festival is an Asia-focussed arts festival presented by the Adelaide Festival Centre for two weeks in late October-early November each year.

It is one of Australia’s leading contemporary arts festival that aims to present a bold and exciting line-up of boundary-pushing arts each year and is revered by audiences and critics alike.

An India-born and Amsterdam-based theatremaker Abhishek Thapar will be presenting two of his plays at the festival this year.

“I am eagerly waiting to present these plays at OzAsia in Adelaide. This is my first trip to Australia and I am very much looking forward to sharing my work with the audience,” Mr Thapar said in an Interview with SBS Punjabi

Here is some information about his theatre performance as shared by OzAsia Festival. 

Abhishek Thapar
Taking a seat on the wheat-covered floor, he interweaves stories of family heritage as the bloody conflict unfolds in Punjab, India during 1980s.

My Home at the Intersection

Abhishek Thapar has a story to tell – an arresting tale that spans three generations. A little boy dresses up as a local superhero, a family loses their home, and bloody conflict unfolds in an Indian province.

Switching between the past and the present, he brings old memories to life using intricate set models and tactile imagery, in a movingly told narrative that captures the flavours he has brought with him from his grandfather’s kitchen.

My Home at the Intersection seamlessly interweaves true stories of family heritage with Punjab’s social history since the 1980s.

Surpassing the Beeline

Six stories, six items of food and six cultures in one dining room.

A ‘beeline’ is the shortest route one takes to go back home, which in the case of expats is complicated.

Highly qualified and independent, the experiences of expatriates are not very present in debates on migration. This compelled Indian-born and Amsterdam-based theatremaker Abhishek Thapar to explore intentional immigration by bringing personal histories and recipes to the table.

Surpassing the Beeline is Abhishek’s theatrical-culinary experience specifically curated for OzAsia Festival – bringing together three expatriates from Amsterdam with three living in Adelaide – in what promises to be delicious,  thought-provoking and memorable.

Abhishek Thapar
'Surpassing the Beeline' - Six stories, six items of food and six cultures in one dining room.

This year’s OzAsia Festival is being held from 17 October to 3 November 2019.  

Led by Artistic Director, Joseph Mitchell, its extensive program has included artists from around the world, including countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Cambodia, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Iran, Latvia, Malaysia, Singapore, Syria, the United States, Israel, Thailand, the United Kingdom, The Philippines and Australia.

Check out for more information by clicking this link.

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