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My interview with the SPLA spokesperson Phili Aguer Panyang on bombing of jaw

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Philip Aguer Panyan is the official spokesperson for the SPLA the South Sudanese national army. After hearing the bombing of the Jaw; i contact him. This interview was done on the 9/04/2014; two days after the Northern's plane bombed the city of Pariang cunty in South Sudan.  I and Aguer were able to discus the nature of current crisis in South Sudan.

President Kiir Mayardit visit Khartoum last week in order to meet his counterpart the President of Sudan Omer Becir. In their meeting they discussed many things including security for both countries. Soon after that; President Kiir for the South, Uganda and to Rwanda where he attended the marking of the 20 years of genocide. i

But the twist happen after him when the North army plane bombed east of Jaw in Paraing County.