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'My rare coin collection connects me with my culture, heritage and childhood'

Source: Albel Kang

By searching and finding his 'lost treasure' of rare coins that were collected as a hobby, Sydney-based Albel Kang has revisited his childhood memories and revived connections with his heritage once again.

In this digital age where most financial transactions are cashless and carrying notes or coins are considered a burden, Albel Kang has revived his childhood hobby of collecting coins.

Sydney-based Mr Kang who is a keen lover of Punjabi language and culture has shared memories of his childhood hobby of collecting coins with SBS Punjabi.


  • In the pre-internet and computer era, many children had hobbies like collecting coins or stamps
  • Mr Albel Kang had many relatives in foreign countries who helped in building his coin collection in India
  • After migrating to Australia, Mr Kang had lost track, connection and hope of getting his 'treasure' back

Dr Kang, a keen Punjabi lover and supporter has a distinct hobby
Albel Kang

"In early 1970s when there was neither internet nor computer games, I was an avid coin collector and had some very rare and old coins in my collection’.

‘But with time and migration to Australia, I had lost all connections with my treasure of coins. I didn’t know where they were kept and never expected that I will find them again in my life’.

My coins connect me with my culture, heritage and childhood
Albel Kang

‘My relatives who mostly lived in other countries gave me many coins to add to my collection. My hobby helped me know more about countries other than India’, he told SBS Punjabi.

Mr Kang kept asking his family back in India about his 'lost treasure' of coins.

‘One day my brother called me with this big news which I was waiting for years, that my coins were found in a large box (petti) in our house in India’.

Finding my coins was like finding my lost treasure; Dr Kang
Albel Kang

At the first available opportunity, Mr Kang arranged to bring his coins in here in Australia. He says he has refused several sizeable offers to buy the coins, because they mean so much to him.

To know more about Mr Kang’s collection and excitement at his rediscovery, listen to this interview in Punjabi.

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