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Never too late: Know how this man fulfilled his dream to learn flying in his fifties

Adelaide-based Gurnam Singh Sembhy fulfilled his dream to fly in his fifties. Source: Supllied

Adelaide-based Gurnam Singh Sambhi believes that age is just a number and it shouldn't hinder one's progress while pursuing hobbies or learning new things in life.

Gurnam Singh, also known as Bobby Sambhy, came to Adelaide in South Australia in 2006 as an international student.

He decided to move to Australia after his Delhi-based software company faced a major trade deficit.

While sharing the experiences of his early migration life, Mr. Sambhy said that he was 37 at that time.

"For some, it may not be the right age to go through the challenges of life that you may come across as an international student. But I knew it had to be done as I dreamt of a better life in Australia,” he said.

“It was a challenging time for me and my family but I am glad that I was able to face it with courage and hard work.”

Gurnam Singh Sembhi

Mr Sambhy said during his early days in Australia, he also worked as a labourer and drove a taxi for a couple of years.

"I did everything that is often associated with the early part of the lives of many Punjabi migrants. It is our nature that we work hard that eventually helps us to succeed."

Mr. Sambhy studied Electronics at the TAFE institute in Adelaide where he was later appointed as a lecturer in the same subject.

He said that it was his passion for academic studies that led him to spend many years of his life as a student.

 "I have completed many academic courses including some certificate courses, diplomas, bachelor and master level degrees in various fields including Electronics, Microwave Communication, Aviation, Business Administration, Building and Construction, Sales and Marketing, MA English, MPhil, and the list goes on and on, ”he said.

Gurnam Singh Sembhi

Mr. Sambhy who now works as a real estate agent believes that age should not be a barrier to one's progress in pursuing hobbies or learning new things in life.

More recently, while completing 50 years of his life, he also fulfilled his dream to learn flying aircraft.

"It wasn't a very difficult task. These are light aircraft. All it needed was a to complete aviation studies, dedication, and a bit of hard work," he said.

Gurnam Singh Sembhi

Mr. Sambhy is also fond of writing poetry and composing Punjabi songs.

Click on the audio link in the photo above to listen to his migration story.

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