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"New age scientific research will transform human health in next 20 years" Dr Jaspreet Singh Kochar

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In this segment, we talk to Dr Jaspreet Singh Kochar who was our studio guest in last week during his visit to Melbourne. In addition to his his PhD work (developing the painless injections) at the National University of Singapore, we asked Dr Kochar the upcoming scientific developments (e.g. genetic Kund'alies). Additionally, he provided an expert advice on careers in scientific research. Preetinder Grewal reports……

According to Dr Kochar, in next few years, a better understanding of the human genome will revolutionize the concept of health and improve the human condition in remarkable ways. Very soon the field of scientific research will revolutionize medicine, human health and other related fields. But arguably, the science will also stimulate debate on social issues, notably those involving reproductive and therapeutic cloning.