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On a personal mission to feed the hungry in Darwin

The van that Tejinder uses to deliver the free food in Darwin Source:

This Sunday, on April 26, Tejinder Pal Singh will drive by Nightcliff swimming pool and Veseys beach between 2-4 pm, and distribute free food to hundreds of Darwinians. And this is the routine he has followed on the last Sunday of every month, for over two-and-a-half years now. Tejinder began this as a simple act of kindness, in order to spread awareness about Sikh identity in Darwin, where only a handful of Punjabis live. But the free food delivery has now grown into a widely recognised service to Darwin's community, and also spread awareness about the Sikh tradition of Langar (free food served to the community). Here is Tejinder, in conversation with SBS Punjabi's Manpreet K Singh. To hear more presentations from SBS Punjabi team, please visit or follow us on Facebook