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Our Law takes a peek at Australia’s only all Indigenous police station

Documentary Our Law looks at life at Warakurna police station Source: Our Law

Written and directed by Cornel Ozies, the film Our Law takes a glimpse into the lives of two outback police officers working at Warakurna police station, Australia’s only all Indigenous police station.


  • Our Law is written and directed by Cornel Ozies
  • The  film explores life at Australia's only all Indigenous police station
  • Our Law can be seen at the 2020 Sydney Film Festival online and on NITV on June 22 at 8.30 pm

Looking at the lives of two Indigenous police officers, Our Law explores the nature of police work and the hope for reconciliation.

The documentary asks whether Indigenous officers are key to dismantling the culture of prejudice in the police from within.

Through this film Cornell Ozies examines how knowledge of culture and language is important for the policemen’s work and questions whether this is the way forward.


Our Law poster
Our Law poster
Our Law

Our Law, was brought to Sydney Film Festival (SFF) with the support of Screenwest as well as NITV and is one of the 2020 SFF Documentary Australia Foundation Awards finalists.

You can watch Our Law at Sydney Film Festival, running online from 10 – 21 June 2020, and on NITV on Karla Grant Presents on Monday, 22nd of June at 8.30 pm.

Who is Cornel Ozies?

Cornel Ozies is an Indigenous man from the Kimberley region of Western Australia who started his career as a video editor at his local TV station, Goolarri in Broome.

After seeing and editing many of other people’s stories he felt he needed to tell his own stories. 

Cornel Ozies has worked on a variety of projects and his work has won him multiple accolades.


Cornel Ozies
Director Cornel Ozies
Our Law

Some of Cornel Ozies’ most prominent works include: Kriol Kitchen, an Indigenous cooking series for NITV and Wooloo, a comedy show on the ABC.

Ozies has also collaborated on some popular feature films including, The Sapphires, The Great Gatsby as well as Thor: Ragnarok, a documentary about the Black Panther movement in Australia.

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