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Our nation today is in dire need of research centers

Source: Elias Mansoor

Mr. Elias Matti Mansoor says that due to the political and social difficulties and problems that our people are going through, today we are in need of study and research Centres to contribute to finding solutions to the many problems.

Mr. Elias Matti Mansour, who is the head of Yonan Hozaya’s Centre for Future Studies, believes in the importance of having such institutions in the community.

Specifically, he commented on why he thinks it is important to have research centres by saying “we are facing many big problems and we need to attract scientific minds to conduct research and studies for these problems and find practical solutions for the present and future of our nation”.

In particular, Mr. Mansour stated that our community could possibly be the one with the most need for such centres as “we are facing serious challenges such as ongoing immigration, and social and political issues”.

He stressed that the centre needs thinkers and specialists who believe in its goals and work to achieve them.

He added that the research in such institutions should always be objective and not biased toward particular political or social sides and groups.

Mr. Mansour shared with the SBS Assyrian team few clauses from the centre’s constitution that address the independence and objectivity of the researchers involved in the centre.

One of the clauses included “researchers should avoid leaning toward any side during their research” which can be perceived as biased.

Our guest added that the centre needs support to establish a scientific research journal to publish research and studies conducted by researchers and academics.

Such a journal would assist the centre to publish and deliver its published materials to the general public.

When asked about how can the community accept and follow the notion of having such institutions who follow scientific methodologies in addressing a variety of issues, Mr. Mansour stated that “it requires a great effort to persuade the community and the decision-makers to believe in the significant importance of these researches and discussions who have the potential of transforming and progressing the community to a better condition”.

Mr. Mansour concluded that that the centre aims to “deliver intellectual projects and practical solutions to decision-makers in our nation” such as politicians, parties, religious centres, and others.

Mr. Mansour also highlighted the importance of having and allocating a strong budget to support such institutions which will subsequently create researches that benefit the community as a whole.


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