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Pacific nations to celebrate music and culture in a show of unity against Covid-19

Mia Kami Source: Supplied

“Despite all the challenges the concert proves that we can come together. At the end of the day only we can paint a brighter future for ourselves.” - Mia Kami

Key points
  • Pacific Unite: Saving Lives Together Virtual Concert will take place on Saturday 15 August, 7:00-9:30 pm (GMT +12)
  • It is the first virtual concert comprising of artists from the Pacific region to be broadcast to a global audience
  • The concert is envisioned as a regional extension of the UN Global Goals concept


Pacific Unite: Saving Lives Together Virtual concert is designed as a call on leaders and citizens across the Pacific region to work together and with the rest of the world in the fight against COVID-19.

The event will showcase the best of the Pacific nations, their cultures, musicians, their triumphs and their frontline hero’s facing COVID- 19 and their challenges. 

Mia Kami, a singer, songwriter and broadcaster based in Suva (Fiji) is one of the most anticipated performers in the concert.

In a conversation with NITV Radio, Mia Kami said she feels privileged to join the concert as a representative for Tonga.

“This concert is an opportunity for Pacific Islanders to come together and stand in solidarity with the rest of the region just to help recognise that we can stand together in the fight against Covid-19 and that we also have a role in our communities to help adapt to this new normal that is coming about,” Mia Kami said.

She also explained how the Pacific region has seen its social economic fabric weakened in the recent months with tourism at a standstill and severe disruptions to international travel.

Citing some examples Mia Kami highlighted that since the beginning of the pandemic Tonga has only accepted one or two flights from overseas in an effort to keep the virus away.

Tonga has managed to stay free from the virus similarly to other Island-nations but disruptions to livelihoods and togetherness has been devastating.

Fiji recorded a few cases of Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic who have all recovered except one person who sadly passed away.

Covid-19 related  disruptions include the inability to perform some cultural practices because of curfews and lock-downs as well as the inability for grieving families to repatriate loved ones who passed away in foreign countries to offer them proper burial.

Medical evacuations to Australia and New Zealand or between the different Island nations have also stopped.




Mia Kami’s family has been directly impacted with her mum and sister stuck in Tonga for several months now unable to rejoin the rest of the family in Fiji.

During the virtual concert, UN leaders, heads of state and celebrities will commit to supporting the fight against COVID-19, also calling on everyone at home to play a part by adapting to the new normal.

Celebrities including Forest Whitaker, cellist Y0-Yo Ma & Maestro Andrea Bocelli will address the concert.

Pacific Unite: Saving Lives Together Virtual concert will be broadcast by TV and radio stations across the region. It will also be streamed on the United Nations in the Pacific Facebook page and UN Web TV.

Mia Kami believes the event will be successful arguing that, “a big part of Pacific culture is music and, I think the concert is a perfect way to bring people together.  I believe music has a very special way of bringing people together and connecting people together as well.”

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