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Passion to purpose - ‘Ausmumpreneur’ who initiated drive-through vaccination clinic in Queensland

Entrance of the drive-through vaccination centre Source: Amtan Medical Centres

Dr Tanya Unni has dedicated health care services to the communities of the Gold Coast. She initiated the idea of setting up a drive-through vaccine center in Pimpama, Gold Coast, which became the first in Queensland.

Dr Tanya Unni, who hails from the southern Indian state of Kerala, has successfully initiated many first in Gold Coast, Queensland, in response to the ongoing pandemic.

"Life has been good to me, and I truly believe in returning the goodness", said Dr Unni who arrived in Australia a decade ago.

  • Dr Tanya Unni initiated a drive-through COVID-19 vaccination centre
  • Dr Unni also initiated drive-through testing centres for COVID-19
  • She opened up a 24/7 telehealth service 

Speaking with SBS Hindi, she said the drive-through vaccination centre model is a convenient and safe way for families and large groups of people to get vaccinated in the comforts of their own cars.

“When people are in their own car, they are not concerned about contracting the virus from other people in the waiting area.”

The drive-through vaccination centre
The drive-through vaccination centre
Amtan Medical Centres

“After receiving their vaccination, they wait in their car for required monitoring”, added Dr Unni.

Nurse Station
Nurse Station
Amtan Medical Centres

Reinforcing the importance of getting vaccinated is the way out of the pandemic, Dr Unni explained how people were feeling socially isolated and were missing out on meeting people physically.

“We’re looking forward to traveling to India, meeting family and friends, socialising again, so all these are few reasons to get vaccinated," she said

She reiterated not to ignore the vaccination and discuss with the GP or specific health practitioner if one has any concerns.

If you have concerns or doubts, please discuss it with your GP but don't delay. This is the way out of this pandemic.

Drive-through Vaccination centre
Amtan Medical Centres

Dr Unni said she was concerned about the health of existing patients with various other health issues when the pandemic hit last year. 

“Within a week, we started 24/7 telehealth service and feedback line to address community concerns and questions.”

She provided free consultations and assistance to overseas students who were impacted by the virus and were unable to return to their country of origin.

Dr Unni, the recipient of 'Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Health and Medicine” is the Founder Director of Amtan Medical, one of the privately-owned medical chains in Gold Coast.

She believes in the growth of dedicated health care services to the communities. 

Dr Unni has been honoured with several awards like the 2020 ‘Ausmumpreneur’ Award, ‘Iconic Woman Award’ by Women Economic Forum, ’Entrepreneur of the year’, and ‘Global Entrepreneur’ Award by the Indo American Press Club, Houston, USA.

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