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Pat Framer enters the last leg of his run!

pat farmer Source: Kevin Nguyen

Australian ultra-marathon runner Pat Farmer has entered the last leg of a fund-raising run through India.

Pat Framer’s arrival in Delhi marked more than 3,400 of his total 4,600 kilometre journey north, aimed at raising money for girls' education in the country.


After running 80 kilometres-a-day for 48 days straight, sweating and triumphant, Pat Farmer's arrival marks the final phase of his epic 65-day journey.


He's hoping to raise 100-thousand-dollars for girls' education in India -- a nation where female school dropout rates remain high.


Battling through traffic congestion, humidity and pollution, he's suffered severe dehydration, muscle meltdown and heat exhaustion.


His journey so far has been embraced by Indians across all castes, from small communities and villages, to the highest levels of government.


Pat hopes that his feat will reinforce the idea that ordinary people can do extraordinary things - "If can run  the length of this country, without a day off, you can do anything you set your mind to."


Pat Farmer is expected to reach his destination, Srinigar in Kashmir, on March 20.