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‘Pendu Australia’: Video series showcasing Australia’s agricultural and rural life hits 10 million views

Mintu Brar (L) is the main presenter of 'Paindu Australia' which literaly means 'Rural Australia'. Source: Supplied

'Pendu Australia' is a video series that aims to put the spotlight on Australia's agricultural landscape and its rural life. Since its first upload on YouTube nearly six years ago, the collection has garnered over 10 million views in 70 countries among the Punjabi diaspora.

When you live in Australia's big cities such as Syndey or Melbourne, one often overlooks the vast expanse of land that lies beyond the city skylines.

And video series, Pendu (rural) Australia is an endeavour that draws the attention of the viewers towards Australia's rich landmass and farming that accounts for 58% of the land use in the country.

Speaking to SBS Punjabi about the video project, Mintu Brar, the producer and the presenter of the series said his farming background was the real reason that inspired him to produce an entire video library six years ago - focusing on the uniqueness of the Australian landscapes.

He currently manages orange orchards near Renmark in South Australia and has so far presented over 170 episodes as part of the popular series.

"The videos cover a range of topics, but the main focus has always been on Australia's agribusiness, its success, and challenges.

"Through this unique web-portal, we have shared the success stories of many Punjabi farmers settled in Australia who cultivate grapes, oranges, vegetables among other crops," he said. 
The first episode of this video series had shared information about 'the Big Picture' of Broken Hill, NSW.
The first episode of this video series was about 'the Big Picture' of Broken Hill, NSW.
Pendu Australia

Mr Brar said he conceived the idea for the series during a random visit to the town of Broken Hills in NSW outback in 2014.

"I was amazed to see the Big Picture, which is the world's largest acrylic painting on canvas by a single artist.

"At that time, I used a video presentation to share this information with the other people within the community," he said.

Mr Brar said he started working on the project on a regular basis after his friend, Manpreet Singh Dhindsa stepped up to take over the technical and the digital aspects of video production. 

The 'Pendu Australia' team has since filmed and presented hundreds of videos showcasing the outback lifestyles of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

"Viewers have very well received our presentations on the cultivation of vegetables across the Murray Bridge area, blueberries in Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour, and banana and sugarcane production in Cairns in upper Queensland," said Mr Brar. 

'Paindu Australia' literaly means 'Rural Australia'.

Over the last six years, the YouTube channel has gained over 105,000 subscribers, most of whom Mr Brar says are of Punjabi background living in countries around the world.

"The Punjabis living across over 70 countries regularly watch our series as we have recently presented 170 episodes in a row," he said.

Mr Brar said that they have not yet received any revenue from the video-sharing platform, but that wouldn't deter them from continuing to produce more videos for their viewers.

"Collectively, we have received over ten million views on YouTube. We are quite amazed by this success as we hope to capitalise it with more presentations in the years to come," he said.

Click on the audio button in the photo above to listen to the full conversation with Mr Brar.

'Pendu Australia' is a YouTube-based video series that presents Australia’s agricultural and rural life.
'Pendu Australia' is a YouTube-based video series that presents Australia’s agricultural and rural life.

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