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Perline DuBarry, quirky, glamorous and surprising burlesque

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Perline DuBarry aka Aliénor Lacroix, is bewitching in her burlesque cabaret shows. For her last show before leaving Australia, she invites us to travel, in her glamorous and surprising universe, at the Red Light Confidential in Sydney, on September 19th.

Aliénor Lacroix alias Perline DuBarry starts her first dance steps very early.

At the age of six, she let no choice to her parents but to dance.

Classical dance, her first love.

"My mother enrolled me in a contemporary dance class. She didn't want me to learn ballet yet because she thought it was too complicated," says Aliénor to SBS French.

But nothing will be too complicated for this little girl, who, 23 years later, lives from her art. 

Perline DuBarry Cabaret

For ten years, Aliénor Lacroix will be formed through great experiences. Her parents will accept she starts classes of classical dance; she will even study at the prestigious school of the Paris Opera in 1998.

Four years later, she studies at the Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt with a specialisation of "classical dance".

After a fine progression as a ballerina, Aliénor's classical dancer career ended at 16, just before becoming a professional dancer because of numerous injuries over time.

From Ballet to Burlesque

After the classical dance, Aliénor had a 10-year break and retired from this artistic world that she would find again soon enough.

The body has a memory, but choosing to dance for a professional future has been a real challenge.

Perline DuBarry Cabaret

"I haven't realised how much my body has changed. My flexibility, my technique, everything around physical abilities has changed."

Physical perhaps, but the passion remains intact. Aliénor comes from a family of artists. When she arrived in Australia two years ago, Aliénor started to dance cabaret.

"I had always been fascinated by the Moulin Rouge, the Crazy Horse, the Lido, and I thought that, with my liabilities, I could become a very good cabaret dancer".

Aliénor worked for two years to create her burlesque cabaret shows, two years to relearn to feel her dancer's body.

Two years of work and passion that will have paid off.

To create, with the help of her partner, unique shows.

Cabaret and Cancan, French dancing

She likes to represent France, but especially the French sensuality; that's what Aliénor's stage character, Perline DuBarry, represents.

"I'm really inspired by classic burlesque and French cabarets, and my inspiration is particularly Parisian."

"The costume has a primordial place in the show, it will be very beautiful, very worked, very sexy, very erotic because it remains for the stripping."

Perline DuBarry Cabaret

Perline DuBarry also likes to make people laugh, and is inspired by satirical humour.

With the costumes, the music, the choreography and the atmosphere created by the artist, the spectators are immediately immersed in the world of the dancer.

For one of her Cancan show in Sydney, Perline DuBarry arrives on the scene, in a perfect French cancan costume. The music starts, one probably from the 1940s, an "Edith Piaf" style music and the show begins.

Perline plays with the crowd, dances between the tables. The spectators follow her, amused, curious about her French femininity.

Perline DuBarry Cabaret

Suddenly, the most French music after, perhaps, the Marseillaise, resounds. People cheer and Perline, in the middle of the stage, lifts one leg after the other to the rhythm of the music.

Shivers and a desire to get up and dance with her can be felt around the room.

The artist interacts with her audience for the biggest sharing, her love for dance.

On September 19th, Aliénor will be transformed into Perline DuBarry, again, at Red Light Confidential in Sydney.

A felted place with red velvet seats, a soft light; a Parisian salon, perfect place for the artist.

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