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Pink Sari project - breaking the 'culture of silence' surrounding breast screening

Archana Sachdev, a prominent volunteer, helping to communicate the message of the Pink Sari project Source: SBS Punjabi

The latest data about breast screening in NSW shows an increase of 8% amongst women of Indian and Sri Lankan origin, thanks largely to the awareness created by the Pink Sari project

Until last year, breast screening data clearly indicated that women from the Indian subcontinent, rarely ever took advantage of free mammograms, which can be crucial to early detection and cure of breast cancer in women. That is, until the Pink Sari project came along and started to educate women from the Indian and Sri Lankan background, of the importance of breast srceening.

The results are already very heartening -- breast screening is up by 8% in Indian and Sri lankan women living in NSW, as a direct consequence of the Pink Sari project, which has held awareness sessions across many community centres in NSW.


Here is an interview with Mrs Archana Sachdev, Vice Chairperson of the Resourceful Australian Indian Network Inc. (RAIN), a group that works for the welfare of seniors in Indian Sub-Continent (ISC). She has been a volunteer for the community group for 8 years now. She played a big part in organising the recent event Lunch in Pink Sari held by RAIN and the Multicultural Health Service South East Sydney Local Health District in support of the Pink Sari Project.