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Premjot Sandhu has lost his battle with cancer

Premjot Sandhu lost his battle with cancer in 2018. Source: Jagjeet

From his deathbed in India, Premjot called and instructed his friends in Perth to utilise the leftover funds raised for his cancer treatment, for some other causes. Premjot feared his end was very near and wished that others in need should get that money.

Indian international student Premjot Sandhu who was diagnosed with cancer approximately six months ago, was initially in and out of a Perth hospital, showing signs of improvement.

But suddenly, things turned for the worse and the cancer spread aggressively.  Perth based doctors told him that further treatment wasn't possible and that he probably had only three months more to live.

Meanwhile, the community rallied strongly behind him and raised over $150,000 for his treatment. 25-year old Premjot was a keen cricketer before this tragedy struck and was well loved in the Perth community.

Premjot discussed all the possible options with this family and friends and decided to fly back to India. One hospital in New Delhi even agreed to provide him the requisite treatment, if he came over right away. So Premjot flew back to India with his sister on 8th June.

Premjot Sandhu
before cancer

His family back in India organised a special religious function to celebrate his birthday, which fell a day after he landed back in India - 10th June.

Premjot's health deteriorated again and he was immediately rushed to Delhi hospital where he was given chemotherapy and other forms of treatment.

Unfortunately, his condition didn't improve. "Premjot came down with a high fever and felt strong aches and pains all over his body," his friend Balwant Dhillon told SBS Punjabi.

"He realised that his end was near. So Premjot called us in Perth, instructing us to transfer all leftover funds raised for his treatment that were in his account, to some other common account, so that the money could be utilised for some other worthy cause."

Premjot told his friends that he may fall into a coma anytime and wanted to ensure that the money raised in Perth through the community's efforts, should be channelled into a needy cause.

Premjot Sandhu
with his friends just before leaving for India

Premjot's friends in Perth are totally shattered and devastated after his death on 8th July but conveyed his last wishes through phone to SBS Punjabi listeners. Hear the interview by clicking on the audio link above.

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