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Prescribing parkruns not pills: New ways to improve post-pandemic health

A supplied image shows a Parkrun event at Rouse Hill in Sydney, Sunday Source: PARKRUN

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has partnered with non-profit Parkrun Australia to support GPs across the nation in addressing a rise in chronic illness.

Doctors are tackling rising chronic illness in new ways after the COVID-19 pandemic forced more sedentary habits on many people, who are now keen to regain active social lifestyles.


  • Official government statistics show inactivity accounts for around 6 percent of all cancers, second only to tobacco smoking.
  •  The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Parkrun Australia's new collaboration means general practices can now sign up to become a 'Parkrun Practice' and connect with a local Parkrun event.

  • The partnership is part of a broader 'social prescribing' effort, allowing GPs to ‘prescribe’ parkrun events to their patients to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Prescribing parkruns not pills: New ways to improve post-pandemic health
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"Parkrun is all about wellbeing and inclusivity, with the added benefit that you get to strengthen the community as well, so you actually engage community spirit. And GPs are very much in the community, that's where we engage with our patients, so I think they go together really well," says GP, Patrick Daly.

There are five kilometre fun-runs on Saturdays, and two kilometre runs on Sundays. But many just go for the social engagement, or to volunteer their time.

Parkruns are a perfect way for Australians to re-engage with their local communities after more than two years of restricted social interactions.

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