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“Protect Australian way of life and culture,” says Rise Up Australia Party’s Peter and Melanie Vassiliou

Peter and Melanie Vassiliou Source: Facebook

Peter and Melanie Vassiliou are the candidates of RUAP from Hotham and Chisholm.

In 2010, Dr Daniel Nalliah, originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka, started Rise Up Australia Party.

Daniel’s intention is to carry his passion for Australia into the Political arena and “Make Australia Australian.”

In the 2013 federal election Rise up Australia Party contested seats in almost every state and territory in Australia, standing 93 candidates, 77 in the lower house and 16 in the upper house.

Daniel and his party have been voicing concerns against rising negative side of Multiculturalism and the Islamisation.

WATCH VIDEO: Rise Up Australia Party National President Daniel Nalliah

In 2016 Election, Peter and Melanie Vassiliou are the candidates for the House of Representatives from this party in Melbourne’s Hotham and Chisholm.

Clare O'Neil of Labor won the seat of Hotham in 2013.

Hotham covers a patch of suburbs extending across 75 between the Pakenham and Frankston rail lines, generally north of Lower Dandenong Road. It includes the suburbs of Oakleigh South, Clayton South, Springvale South, Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Heatherton and parts of Bentleigh east and Murrumbeena.

Other candidates are - HUA George (Liberal), JEGES Helen Ann (Animal Justice Party), O'NEIL Clare (Australian Labor Party), BENNETT James (The Greens), and RATHBONE Tatiana (Family First Party).

Peter is of Greek heritage parents, while his wife, Melanie, is of Italian-Spanish heritage

Peter has been a candidate for Rise up Australia Party in the last two successive elections, the 2013 Federal and 2014 State elections.

Peter believes that retaining the “Australian way of life and culture is significantly important in protecting our future.”

He adds that “successive governments have lacked answerability to the Australian people.”

Peter and Melanie say they are open to migrants with valid visas who would contribute to Australia in a positive way but they oppose illegal immigration and people smugglers.

“We must stop political correctness, prevent the Islamisation of Australia, reinstate honour, re-establish truthfulness and restore accountability to Government,” says Peter.

Melanie has worked part time in the Real Estate industry and has also entered the Miss Teen Australia Beauty Pageant.

Melanie Vassiliou ran in the Victorian State Election in 2014 and this 2016 Federal election will be the second time she has contested for the seat of Chisholm.

Chisholm is an eastern suburbs electorate that stretches north-south between Koonung Creek and the south-east railway. Chisholm covers 65 and includes the suburbs of Box Hill, Mont Albert, Blackburn South, Burwood, Ashwood, Syndal, Mount Waverley, Oakleigh and Clayton.

The retiring Labor MP Anna Burke has held on to this traditionally marginal seat since 1998.

Other candidates here are – WALSHE Nyree (Animal Justice Party), McCRACKEN Craig (Family First Party), FERGEUS Josh (The Greens), BANKS Julia (Liberal), and PERRI Stefanie (Australian Labor Party).

Melanie says that she is passionate about protecting and preserving Australian freedoms, culture and way of life for generations to come.

“I see the need for accountability in Parliament and would be honoured to be the one to implement that accountability,” says Melanie.

Both candidates believe this election is crucial for the future of Australia.

To listen to the core issues that Peter and Melanie Vassiliou are fighting for, Amit Sarwal interviewed them during the Refugee Week at SBS booth on Federation Square where many minor party leaders shared their views on Election 2016.