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Punjabi musician Devinder Dharia features in Australia's longest-running children's show

Punjabi singer and musician Devinder Dharia makes an appearance on ABC's 'Play School'. Source: Supplied by Devinder Dharia

Sydney-based Punjabi folk singer and musician Devinder Dharia appeared in an Indian episode of 'Play School,' an educational television show for children produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Known as the custodian of Punjabi folk music in Australia, Devinder Dharia was featured in the Indian episode of the famous kids' show that aired on ABC Kids on 10 September. 

The musician played the tumbi, a one-stringed musical instrument in the episode penned by the Australian Indian actor and screenwriter Leah Vandenberg.

The episode also featured a man playing dhol, a double-sided barrel drum, alongside artists doing the bhangra (folk dance of Punjab) on a Punjabi song. 


Speaking to SBS Punjabi about his experience, Mr Dharia said he was "pleasantly surprised" when the channel invited him to perform on the show. 

"It was an overwhelming experience. I got the opportunity to introduce Punjabi folk music and dance form to the wider Australian population on such a huge platform," he said.

Mr Dharia added that he performed on the show in a traditional Punjabi outfit and danced to the tunes of a Punjabi song, 'Aao payeeye bhangra.'

Davinder Singh Dharia
Mr Davinder Singh Dharia a well known Punjabi folk singer, performer and teacher.

Mr Dharia added that children are quick learners and are often keen to know more about the diverse culture of people from different backgrounds who call Australia home. 

"I am glad I could contribute to creating awareness about the rich Punjabi culture, tradition and language with the wider community. It has given me immense satisfaction," he said. 


Click on the player above to listen to the interview in Punjabi. 

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