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Pursuing his passion: Meet boxer Kamil Syed, a 'role model for young Australians'

Kamil Syed, Winner of Australian National boxing championship 2018 Source: The Corner with Kamil Syed

Like many migrant parents, Kamil's family was also very much worried when he first revealed his ambition of becoming a professional boxer. But today his accomplishments in the ring are celebrated in Australia and Pakistan and his boxing coach called him a role model for young Australians.

Kamil did not only bring joy for fellow Australian by winning the Australian National boxing champion in 2018 but equally jubilated Pakistanis by getting the nomination from Pakistan for the Tokyo Olympic qualifying round due to be held in Paris. He is also a winner of a medal in Pakistan's 2019 National games. 

  •  The Australian born boxer's family migrated to Australia in 1991
  • "Kamil is a role model for lots of kids"
  • Winning medals in Australia and Pakistan made him proud in and out of the arena

Kamil has been nominated for the "Olympic Qualifying Round" from his country of origin, Pakistan, after winning a bronze medal in the country's 2019 National games.

He is also a winner of the Australian Boxing championship 2018. He called these achievements as the high moments of his boxing career. "I am very proud to have won medals at the National Games of both the countries I come from", he said.

Migrants' parent traditionally wants their children to attain a university degree and become a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. Kamil also went through with the same challenging time when he had to choose between his passion and other's recommendations.

He told SBS Urdu that parents were concerned in the beginning, "but when they recognize that nothing is stopping me from fighting and upfront training every day, then they supported me and that's the part I love about them."

His parents, coach, and friends extended their full support for him and Kamil counts that his biggest strength.

"Surrounding yourself with good people who are passionate about what you do, is just as important as the passion itself", he added.

By not chasing your passion and dream you’re committing spiritual suicide

Kamil Syed
First international fight in Vietnam against an Olympian
The Corner with Kamil

Kamil's parents remembered about their concerns when Kamil first revealed his ambition of becoming a professional boxer. His mother said that Kamil was inspired by legendary boxer Muhammed Ali Clay from his childhood and use to read and watch everything about the great boxer.

She says that Initially she discouraged him, but when saw his passion and hard work, then had to step back. His father told SBS Urdu that either it was a classroom or a soccer ground, Kamil always took a leadership role and demonstrated his fighting spirit.

"When he told me he wants to become a boxer, I was worried, but soon realized his hardship and passion are unstoppable," he said. 


Kamil's coach, Tony Del Vecchio of Bondi Boxing Club acknowledges his hard work, discipline, and passion for the game that took Kamil to boot camps and competitions in Vietnam, Italy, Russia, and Pakistan.

"Very proud and honoured to have him in the gym as a friend, a boxer and also a trainer", he added. He extended his full support to Kamil and expects that the Pakistani community of Australia will also get behind him to go to Olympic and see what he can do for the Pakistani team.

He is a role model for other youngsters and kids who want to pursue their passion

Australian National boxing champion 2018
With coach Tony Del Vecchio
The Corner with Kamil

The gym is closed and physical activities are limited due to COVID-19 locked-down, but Kamil is using this break to train his mind.

He starts reading books about athletes like Muhammed Ali and their endurance and mental stability. Social media is also a venue that he is utilizing differently during the break. "The Corner With Kamil Syed" is an Instagram VLog that is providing him with an opportunity of catching up with sports personalities, like Australian professional boxer Anthony Mundine, and share their stories with followers.

Nominated for qualifying round in Paris from Pakistan
After sparring Anthony Mundine
The Corner with Kamil

 Besides all other interim activities, Kamil is impatiently waiting for the Olympics qualifying round to reopen.

I can’t wait for my opportunity to qualify for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics representing Pakistan, Inshallah




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