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School students need to be trained in coding and robotics keeping in mind the evolution of technology: Rubel Rahman

Rahman with CodingPro Education Management Team Source: Rubel Rahman

With a keen interest in the evolution of technology and an understanding of what future technology education might look like, Mr. Rubel Rahman has established a technology-based startup providing training for primary and high school students in Australia, Singapore & New Zealand. Its main goal is to train school children in coding robotics and design so that they receive mainstream education as well as technology-based education.

Mr. Rubel Rahman, CEO of CodingPro Education, gives his valuable insights to SBS Bangla as to why children need to be taught coding and robotics.


  • Coding and robotics have become very important and popular in information technology, especially in 'STEM discipline', the two issues are inextricably linked.
  • With the evolution of technology the world is now moving towards automation, and in this context professional education about coding and robotics has become vital.
  • Due to the effect of automation, many current professions will be lost, new professions will be added.

Rubel Rahman
Rubel Rahman
Rubel Rahman

Mr Rubel Rahman says, if students could learn coding and robotics from school, it will be easier for them when they get to tertiary level, giving them a 'competitive advantage' and most importantly, they will be much more fitted to the current and future world of technology.

"Gaining knowledge will maximise students’ opportunity to gain employment in a job market full  of automation and machine-learning based on artificial intelligence (AI concept)" says Mr Rahman.   

Regardless of the career choices students will make, Mr Rubel Rahman believes knowledge in coding and robotics will assist them assimilate into jobs that don’t exist today but surely will be there when they get out of schooling. 

"The framework of the mainstream education system is not maintaining the same pace as the world of technology, therefore there’s a gap in our learning system. The educational framework has a responsibility to fill up that gap.” 

He says, since computer usage has become commonplace today, technology will be so advanced in a few decades that having knowledge of coding and robotics will also become commonplace.

"Therefore, knowledge in coding and robotics will help people work with a machine as well as the human society around them" says Mr Rahman. 

Mr Rubel Rahman says, school students need to be trained in coding and robotics so they can become innovators seizing the  opportunities  for tomorrow. 

Click on the audio player above to listen to the full conversation in Bangla with Rubel Rahman.

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