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Shop or save: Practical tips for Boxing Day purchases

Clothes remain the top purchase of Australians during Boxing Day sales. Source: Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Bargain shoppers are expected to spend an estimated $21-billion during this week's shopping sale events, with a staggering $4-billion on to be spent today, December 26 alone.

Australians seem to have actually missed shopping in-store after nearly two years of unprecedented COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.

Like Jigs Geminiano who travelled more than an hour from the Central Coast to Sydney to join the crowd for the Boxing Day sales. For Jigs, clothing is one of human's basic needs.

"Almost everything is on sale, just like those long sleeves I need for work," he says.


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Shop or save: Mga praktikal tip para sa pamimili sa Boxing Day sales
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  • It is predicted that Australians will spend $21 billion for their Boxing Day shopping this week.
  • Retailers are expecting a $4 billion spending this December 26 alone.
  • Clothing, apparels, shoes and technology are on top of their shopping lists.

Shop wisely

Central Coast architectural draftsman Jigs Geminiano says that "Boxing Day shopping doesn't have to mean you have to use up huge amounts of money when shopping".

Boxing Day
Jigs Geminiano travelled from Central Coast to Sydney CBD to do his Boxing Day shopping.
Supplied by Jigs Geminiano

"Since almost everything is on sale, you will actually be saving a lot because you don't have to pay the full price of the items you buy".

"Only buy what you really need," stresses the Pangasinan-born architect.

Opt to shop online

If some are willing to be with the crowd to find bargains, others opt to shop online, just like western Sydney mum Myra Montarde.

Although Myra will try to save money this Boxing Day, she has been doing her shopping online for the past couple of years.


Boxing Day sales
Myra Montarde (far right) with her whole family.
Supplied by Myra Montarde

Myra just recently gave birth to her fourth child and for this reason, she is cautious of being out in big crowds.

"I do most of my shopping online nowadays. I don't want to join the crowd given Covid-cases are continuing increasing," says the mum and businessowner of The Ranch Cafe Bidwill in western Sydney.

Practical tips for Boxing Day sales

SBS Filipino from Queensland Marco Antonio Tamayo shares some practical tips

1. Write down your top 3 wish-list to buy and stick to it.

2. If foods are on sale, buy them.

3. Put other else last.

Some shops across Australia have extended their Boxing Day sales until first week of 2022.


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