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Speak My Language: Things you should know about My Aged Care

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My Aged Care is the starting platform that gives people access to the aged care services funded by the Australian government. In this installment of Speak My Language, we discuss with Odysseas Kripotos from ''Fronditha Care'' about the things you should be aware of, if you are thinking of getting in touch with My Aged Care for the first time.

Speak My Language aims, among other things, to inform the public on the aged care services that exist in Australia, in order to make the lives of the elderly easier.

Speak My Language is funded by the Federal Government, and is a joint initiative undertaken by the Multicultural Community Councils of NSW, Victoria and Queensland. 

SBS Radio and the National Ethnic Broadcaster’s Council (NEMBC) function as the program’s communication partners.

''In essence, My Aged Care is the first step in order to gain access in Aged Care Services'' explains Odysseas Kripotos. ''It is comprised of a website and a national hotline. The calls are answered by the service’s staff, who are based in offices across the country. The service was created in order to make it easier for the elderly to navigate the system of aged care services'' he notes.

The process

Mr Kripotos points out that the process starts with a phone call to the service. ''Your first call will take approximately 40 minutes so be prepared. The service’s representative will write down your details and then ask you some questions in order to get a better sense of your needs. For example if you drive, cook or face any issues. Based on the information they gather from you, the representative will then notify the assessors of the appropriate service. The assessors will visit you and will determine what services you will receive''.

The first call to My Aged Care might prove to be a time consuming process
The first call to My Aged Care might prove to be a time consuming process

Getting in touch

You can reach My Aged Care through the internet or by phone. ''It should be noted that anyone can call the service on your behalf, as long as they have your consent. The consent should be given over the phone and the person you wish to speak to My Aged Care for you should be present'' says Mr Kripotos and adds: ''You will need to have your Medicare card with you. The representative will also ask for your name, address and phone number''.

If you require an interpreter, you may call 131 450. Say ‘’Greek’’ and you will be transferred to an interpreter who will be able to assist you with My Aged Care.     

How long will it take?

Odysseas Kripotos stresses that it might take some time for the assessors to visit, ''depending on your needs and their availability''. The same applies for getting access to the service after their evaluation. It should be noted that there is time to cancel the service if you change your mind. Registering on My Aged Care and the evaluation are free.

You don’t have to register on My Aged Care if you do not require any aged care services.

You can contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or through the website:

If you require an interpreter, you can call the Translating and Interpreting Service on  131 450.

You can hear more discussions from the Speak My Language Series at

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