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Starting a successful business adventure in the Nineveh plains region

Mr Aysan Samir in his farm Source: Samir.jpg

SBS Assyrian correspondent from Duhok, Naseem Sadig, sends this report about a young man from the city of Karemlesh talking about his Honey making adventure

Karamlesh is an Assyrian town in northern Iraq located less than 18 miles south east of Mosul. Most people there are proud Assyrian/Chaldean who have pride in their heritage and ancestry.

Young Honey maker Aysen Sameer talked to Naseem and explained about his adventure and explained about the different qualities of natural Honey. 

He aims at expanding his production and take this business as a way of providing employment to many unemployed people in his city.

Assyrian in Kurdistan
The sign in front of Mr Samir farm


Assyrians in Kurdistan
Quality honey produced by Mr Samir


Not only honey, but Mr Samir produces quality decorative candles that are receiving great interest in the region 

Assyrians in Kurdistan
Quality decorative candles by Samir

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