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T20 Cricket World Cup: Indian cricket fans book their tickets a year in advance

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Australia will be hosting the next major global cricket event with the women's and men's T20 World Cup tournaments coming down under for the first time in 2020.

The ICC T20 Men's Cricket World Cup is exactly a year away but that has not stopped Indian cricket fans to book their tickets in advance which went on sale on Friday.

“We can’t wait to see Team India play in Australia,” says Tapan Patel, who has bought tickets for his entire family who will be visiting from India during the World Cup in October 2020.

“My parents are joining us from India to see the T20 World cup. They are huge cricket fans. They never miss any match, be it T20 or a Test at the MCG,” Mr Patel said.

Patel is one among thousands of Indian Cricket fans who have booked their tickets a year in advance to see the Men in Blue play.

Indian cricket fans

“Our whole group has booked the tickets for the India vs England game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. We all got online at the same time and booked tickets simultaneously to be able to get seats together,” says Harshal Desai.

“I cant wait to see Team India smash it as always,” he said.

Sweta Patel is looking forward to seeing the games with her two young kids.

“I am excited to see the World Cup as my sons are growing up and they are showing a keen interest in cricket. Watching World Cup in the stadium would be perfect for our children to witness the excitement, power and fun involved associated with cricket,” she said.

“The atmosphere is going to be electrifying,” says Fatema, who has booked her tickets for next year's world cup games.

Indian cricket fans

To keep up with this euphoria, the International Cricket Council’s T20 World Cup team has planned special events and celebrations for fans around the tournament.

“There will be music, celebrations at the grounds across Australia where the matches are scheduled,” said, Mr Nick Hockley, the Chief Executive Officer of ICC T20 World Cup told SBS Hindi.

“I still remember the 2015 World Cup matches, when India took on South Africa at the MCG [Melbourne Cricket Ground] there were about 70,000 Indian fans. It was a sea of blue. And what is incredible is how all different ages come together – grandparents and children and that is absolutely the atmosphere we cant wait to see next year,” said Mr Hockley.

The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup saw approximately 100,000 international visitors. A similar campaign to attract tourists to the Women's and Men's T20 World Cups has been kick-started by Tourism Australia.

“We are working closely with the Australian Government, with Tourism Australia who has launched an international campaign welcoming people so what we would say to Indian cricket fans is it is a great time to welcome family and friends to come and we certainly expect all India matches to be very well-attended. The clash between India and England at the MCG on Sunday night should be absolutely incredible atmosphere,” said Mr Hockley.

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